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Our Services

Occupational Health

We provide complete Occupational Health Services including Health Risk Management, Medical Fitness to work, Medical Emergency Response Plans and Health and Hygiene Training. We help you to have a healthy workforce and to reduce downtime.

 Occupational Safety

Complete Occupational Safety services ranging from Technical and Non Technical Risk Management to Process Safety Management. We believe on strategic partnership to achieve your safety objectives.

HSE Trainings

We conduct HSE training for all levels of organization. Our training philosophy is different from the contemporary market and our training packs are developed and tailored depending on your risk profile, team competency requirements and business model.


Since the massive increase in the use of Display Screen Equipment, workers are exposed to new set of health risks which can lead to various health issues if not properly taken care of. We conduct workstations ergonomics assessments to ensure that the workstations are users friendly and provide you with the most economical solutions to your problems. We can be your partners in keeping your workforce healthy and increase your productivity.

Security Management

Client specific security consultancy services to manage the enterprise wide Security Risk based on practical advice and solutions to clients considering the security situation. We offer a range of integrated solutions to the private and public sector, tailored to the client’s strategic and operational objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Give your CSR and sustainability objectives to us and we will manage it for you. We offer both turnkey and assistance services, depending on your requirement. We develop, implement and monitor sustainable CSR programs and help you to generate your CSR performance reports.

Emergency Response Planning

Health Management (MFTW, Health RAs, Remote site health setup, Road ambulance)

Our Services

We provide multi discipline HSE services. You ensure you the feel of best value for time and money and support to achieve your HSE objectives.

We are great at what we do

With global experience in managing HSE, we can help you to develop leadership culture and ownership approach in your operations. We will be your strategic partners in achieving your HSE objectives.

Our specialization

Risk Management
Health & Safety Audits
Medical Fitness to Work
Emergency Planning
Remote Site Medical Services

Core Services

  • Health & Safety Audits

    Extensive E&P health and safety audit experience globally, To test level of compliance with Company policy on Health and Safety Management, OGP and best practice guidance to test compliance in the absence of company HSE policy.

  • Medical Fitness to Work

    Clients are recommended on the basis of health risks to the assigned role, Complete medical data handling facilities if required by client. Strict confidentiality and consent aspects enforced.

  • Remote Site Medical Services

    Extensive global experience for remote site medical services and competency assessment of site medical professionals. We will help you to set your KPIs.


  • Safe Systems of Work

    With extensive global experience in managing operational safety, we will help you to develop and implement Risk Based Safe Systems of Work for your operations. We will train your work force and ensure that this remains simple to enhance the ownership among workers

  • Medical case management services

    We work as a strategic partner for your illness and injury management process. We ensure quality medical services to the employee and track their progress for you. We will help you to reduce risks and enhance your productive man hours through healthy workforce.