Operational readiness medical support

  • Health regulations and requirements for compliance
  • Operational area health information and epidemiology
  • Recommendation on most reliable health facilities
  • Strong networking with medical resources and health authorities
  • Arrangements to get instant information on health issues and disease outbreaks
  • Medical emergency management contracts with recommended facilities/insurance interlinkage
  • Extensive communication plan with clients and other stake holders
Medical Fitness to Work and Other Medical Support

• For both Pre‐employment and Periodic medical examinations
• For chain of identification during the process
• Facilitation of employees at hospital level for hassle free process
• Facilitation of native and expatriate families in the hospital
• Coordination with primary service providers to avoid delays in the process
• Arranging any extra medical test and appointments as recommended in the primary examination
• Coordination with medical insurance providers to facilitate the required medical support during the process
• Establish the process for operational readiness if desired by the company
• Also assist in medical absence process of the company to secure productive man hours