Medical Fitness to Work

• Risk based
• Optimal to the operation and specific to the role
• High quality assurance of the process
• Contractors are included if client requires
• Compliant with OGP and OGUK requirements
• Clients are recommended on the basis of health risks to the assigned role
• Complete medical data handling facilities if required by client. Strict confidentiality and consent aspects enforced

Occupational Health Trainings and Health Campaigns

• Develop training modules as required by the Company competency plan and integrate them into Company data base
• Assistance in the planning, development and conduction of Health campaigns,
• Trainings deliver at site. Some important ones are:
• General Health awareness
• Fatigue management
• Drugs and Alcohol
• Manual lifting and injury prevention
• Operational area disease prevention (Operational area based)
• Ergonomics
• Food handling hygiene and practices for food handlers (HACCP based)
• Basic and advance first aid for employees and families
• Any other health training or health campaign required by the company

Medical case management services

Medical case management services
Work‐Related Injury Case Management Services
We work as a strategic partner for your injury management process. We ensure quality medical services to the employee and also help your company to substantially reduce your workers’ comp and disability claims by facilitating between IP and the treating physician and coordinate an early return to work. We understand the need to maintain a balance between employer goals, employee health needs and a physician’s ability to provide quality healthcare. This service is available 24/7.
Non‐Work‐Related Case Management Services
We provide medical case management for all non occupational illnesses and
injures and ensure that your employee gets the best quality of service available. Our knowledge of local health services and their level of expertise immensely reduces pain and suffering for the employee and the cost to the company